Return & Refunds

How do I return something I bought on E Green HealthCare Pvt Ltd?

(i) In the event of damage, the reservation may be cancelled. If you receive a damaged or defective product, notify delivery employees as soon as possible at the time of delivery and file a complaint with customer service at
In 24 hours, the damage and fault will be assessed, and a solution will be offered. In E Green HealthCare Pvt Ltd opinion, if the product is broken, it may be returned/replaced, or any other corrective action taken as E Green HealthCare Pvt Ltd sees fit to rectify the problem.

(ii) Cancellation in the event of an incorrect product: If the product does not meet your original order’s parameters, raise the issue right away and report it to support.

(iii) Please get in touch with us at or call our customer service hotline for additional information.

(iv) It is impossible to cancel products purchased at a discount or during a sale.

(v) Shipping policy – Product will be shipped in 3-5 days.