GrowPower Vigour and Vitality 30 Capsules

GrowPower Vigour and Vitality 30 Capsules

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Benefits of GrowPower : –

  1. It makes the male sexual system stronger.
  2. Along with raising sperm count and mortality, it also raises semen quality.
  3. In general, it strengthens nerves, which in turn gives men more internal energy and power.
  4. It eases tension.
  5. It is made entirely of natural herbs.
  6. It is highly efficient and goal-oriented.


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GrowPower is a meticulously formulated herbal remedy that uses only natural, healing ingredients.Herbs in GrowPower Capsules are effective in the management of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Oligospermia and loss of libido.

GrowPower helps relieve stress & improves Stamina for better Sexual Experience. Ingredients like Safed Musli, Ashwagandha & Shilajit (Asphaltum) are known for their aphrodisiac properties.

Ingredients –

Safed Musli – Due to its spermatogenic properties, it aids in boosting male potency.

Shilajit – When used as a revitalizer, promotes energy generation, increases stamina overall, and increases drive. It raises testosterone levels, enhances stamina, raises libido, and improves men’s vitality ensures that the male genitalia receive appropriate blood flow.

Ashwagandha – It has been demonstrated that ashwagandha increases male testosterone levels. Male hormone known as testosterone is connected to coitus urge. Additionally, it increases vigour and reduces tiredness. Nitric oxide generation is boosted by ashwagandha in the body. The blood arteries that supply blood to the genitals as a result of this dilate.

How to take GrowPower Capsules –

  • You can also take it twice daily. The second dose must be consumed with or right after dinner or as directed by the Physician.
  • If you plan on doing longer workouts, you can also take it once 30 minutes beforehand.
  • Don’t consume more than two servings each day; doing so won’t provide any extra benefits.
  • Make sure to leave at least 7-8 hours between each meal.


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